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Cold, Freezer & Clean Rooms
When a wide range of temperature controlled environments are required Almesco provides a full design, specification and installation service of high specification, cost effective, high performance cold and freezer rooms .

Almesco modular cold and clean rooms are a solution for many applications:-

• Food Processing & Food Manufacturing Facilities
• Freezer Coldstores/Chillstores
• Cleanrooms for pharmaceutical industries
• Environmental Test Chambers / Research Facilities & Laboratories
• Restaurants
• Data & Media Storage
• Firewalls & Fire Protection
• Building services

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Almesco cold, freezer and clean rooms offer
• Panels have efficient shear and tensile strength
• High performance panel joint air tightness
• Guaranteed thermal performance
• Superior joint water tightness
• Fire resistance of up to 1 hour when exposed to flame
• Conforms to LPS 1208 (Fire resistance performance)
FM approval, FM 4880 class 1 and BS476-7

  • Environmentally sustainable PIR insulation core with zero ozone depletion potential

• Anticipated to achieve an A+/A rating according to the BRE green guide

• Can be processed through a conventional shredder plant once end of useful life is reached

Clean rooms
A clean room or food zone is a temperature controlled and hygiene environment used for preparation, production and processing of food.

The purpose of a clean room is:
• Prevent the formation of condensation and mould growth.
• Surfaces must be smooth, impervious, non-absorbent, non-toxic and have a durable finish.
• Surfaces must capable of being repeatedly cleaned and disinfected without deterioration and shedding of
• All junctions between walls and floors, walls and ceilings and vertical wall angles should be finished to prevent
accumulation of dirt.
• All joint gaps to be sealed to prevent to the growth of disease producing bacteria.


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